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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sharing Lab and Faculty Resources

Everyone knows that 1+1=2.  Or does it? The number 2 is a very special number in this equation: two different schools, two similar goals. The University of South Dakota (USD) and Lake Area Technical Institute (LATI) share a unique cohesiveness with their 1+1 nursing programs. There are 122 students between the two programs who gain from the expertise of the shared faculty. Each lab coordinator has designed his or her individual lab time by collaborating with faculty from both programs. By having such a close-knit bond, student transition between programs is much more effective. The LPN skills are completed in two ways: a traditional approach with individual teaching and check-offs and an online approach, in which the students view skills online. The RN year includes some new methodologies, such as a blended curriculum, in which the content builds on concepts learned in level one. Both programs follow the policies of the local facilities where clinicals are held. This allows consistency from lab to clinical as well as staying updated with current practice. Both lab coordinators also supervise in the clinical setting, so students have an advantage, knowing what to expect and feeling more at ease. Maybe 1+1 does not equal 122, but by collaborating, 1 (USD) + 1 (LATI) does = success. Each program gains strength from the other so that the whole is greater than the sum of the two parts. Listen to Heidi Schmidt as she describes this fantastic collaboration.

Watch the NurseTimTube to learn more.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Care Plans and Papers - Grading and the Dropbox

In many healthcare organizations, policies, pathways, and publications are totally digital. In our nursing programs we can offer the students the experience they need by using digital papers and care plans. When we do this, students learn to manage this type of communication professionally.

Grading papers and care plans digitally is an important concept for faculty to understand. We can still give the same feedback without the risk of losing papers or dealing with handwriting issues. This NurseTimTUBE will walk you through the basics of using a Dropbox to manage and assess student writing assignments.

Watch it here:

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Games and Nursing Education

Creating an interactive learning environment can be a big challenge. Faculty are often competing with Facebook, texting, and even solitaire. As we consider helping our students (who live in the tech/entertainment culture) grow and develop, we have to find ways to change the learning environment. 

In this edition of NurseTimTUBE, Madelyn Danner from Harford Community College shares her tips on making the learning environment more enticing with fun games for students of all generations.