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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Clinical Reasoning Case Studies

Clinical reasoning is developed when our students experience situated learning. We are challenged to bring clinical to class in a way that facilitates discovery and ownership of new information. Using a case study approach based on current clinical practice, Keith Rischer leads his students down this path with a unique set of tools that he has developed. In this free video, he shares with us how this case-based approach has affected student outcomes. As a nurse and an educator, he is able to help his students see the realism in what they are learning through these unique strategies. After watching the video you will get to explore one of his cases. The companion web site to this NurseTimTUBE will have downloads and a place for feedback. Thank you in advance for your ideas.  

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Reenergize your Student Nurses Association

Do you have a Student Nurses Association on your campus? Are you a faculty advisor for the SNA club on your campus, but have no idea where to begin? Then this virtual abstract is just for you. This abstract will provide you with the necessary ingredients for developing and sustaining your campus' Student Nurses Association. In addition, you will be provided with a general overview of the roles and responsibilities of advising as well as strategies for collaborating with the SNA board and its members. Lastly, a discussion on how to market your SNA and increase membership will be offered. The Student Nurse Association is an excellent opportunity for nursing students to gain professional role development and leadership skills, collaborate and mentor with their peers, and participate in service learning opportunities.

Upon completion of this brief presentation, you will be able to:
  1. Identify expert resources on your campus to help get your SNA up and going.
  2. Develop and implement strategies for marketing your SNA.
  3. Understand your role as a SNA faculty advisor.
 Watch it here! -

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Test Item Writing

Today at the FSIL Nursing School, we are writing test items. Based on advice from noted author and nurse educator Jo Carol Claborn, MSN, RN, we wrote test items related to a mistake made by a student in clinical this past Monday. We were in clinical researching strategies for improving our clinical evaluation tool and the student was about to administer medication to a patient lying flat. The client suffered a stroke and was experiencing hemiplegia. After helping the student take corrective actions, the team of faculty discussed using this scenario for a test item. Today, we are focusing on test item writing. Our goal is analysis and application to assess for competency in clinical reasoning. In Haiti as in America, it is exciting to see nurse educators taking students to the next level.
picture of nurse educators - FSIL, Leogane, Haiti -
from left to right:  Paule-Neese, Dominique, Shirley, Merodes, and Marah.