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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Clinical Teaching—Assessments that Make Sense

Clinical Assessment 1: Medication
Administration & Evaluation

Janet McMahon
Janet McMahon, MSN, RN
1.25 contact hours

Students need the experience of administering medications in the clinical setting. Faculty worry about how to provide a medication administration experience that maintains a safe environment, is realistic, meets NCLEX and program expected outcomes and can be effectively evaluated. Join us for this webinar and learn how to make the most of medication administration experiences and get useful tools for evaluation.

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Clinical Assessment 2: From Expectations
to Student Outcome

Janet McMahon
Janet McMahon, MSN, RN
1.25 contact hours

Clinical experience is a key component of a successful nursing education program. Planning that leads to a meaningful clinical experience provides students the opportunity to practice and learn critical skills, apply knowledge, and demonstrate competence. Join us in this webinar to learn how to create a clinical learning environment that meets the needs of students, engages the clinical site, and sets the stage for learning and evaluation.

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Managing the Clinical Learning Environment:
Strategies for Success

Lynn Engelmann
Lynn Engelmann, EdD, RN, CNE
1.25 contact hours

This webinar offers strategies for success when designing and implementing clinical learning experiences and evaluation of those experiences. Dr. Engelmann's ideas for faculty development and enhanced faculty-student relationships will be presented. Dr. Engelmann has helped faculty and students around the country successfully navigate the complexities of clinical education. 

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Flipping the Classroom: A Magical Approach to Learning

2-Part Webinar Series - January 8, 2014
Tim Bristol, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF
2.5 contact hours available

Flip Your Classroom, Flip Your Outcome!
Improving students' critical thinking skills is vital to their lifelong learning. Learn how to create a foundation for active learning in all aspects of nursing education, where students can fully explore and experience the concepts being taught vs. passively receiving facts. In Part 1 of this series, you will:

  • Develop a lesson plan that promotes student readiness for the flipped classroom experience.
  • Create pre-class learning activities that prepare students for situated learning during class time.
  • Discuss direct applications in applying the foundational strategies you learn to your current teaching assignment.

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Transform Your Classroom Into an Interactive Learning Experience!

Part 2 of this series will guide you in creating classroom experiences that are realistic and meaningful by keeping your class time student-centered. Practical strategies will help you motivate students and turn your class into a shared learning experience, rather than a one-way lecture.

  • Utilize evidence-based educational practices to develop effective classroom learning activities.
  • Explore formative assessment strategies that can be integrated into all aspects of the flipped classroom.
  • Critique peer evaluation techniques.

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