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Monday, February 16, 2015

One Nurse Making a Difference in Haiti

Since Sonese Chavannes graduated from FSIL nursing school in 2010, a lot has changed for her. She now works at Christianville, a school of 1,200 primary and secondary students, and takes care of 30 to 40 children per day in the clinic.

With that many students under her care, you might think it would be practical to do the minimum necessary, but Sonese knows that many children don’t receive any health care outside of school. She takes the time to examine them from head to toe to check for all possible health issues, as she learned to do at FSIL. For children suffering with cholera or other chronic diseases who can’t come to school, Sonese visits them at home to care for them.

When her work day is over, Sonese goes home to her husband and children. But her efforts to improve health care in Haiti don’t stop there. She’s also enrolled in the Family Nurse Practitioner Master’s Degree program at FSIL. She knows the great benefits this degree can bring to her community; she will be able to interpret lab results and write prescriptions without having to wait for a doctor’s authorization.

Sonese is proud of her FSIL education, which provided her with a high level of nursing competency. She knows she can accomplish wonderful things and will make a difference to healthcare in her country.

Monday, February 9, 2015

End of Life Cultural & Spiritual Immersion Simulation - Free Video Recording and Downloadable Files

Immerse your nursing students in cultural and spiritual end of life death scenarios using low and high-fidelity simulation and debriefing sessions. Community members from three cultures (Christian Caucasian, Native American, and Islam Somali) and inter-professional healthcare providers (a chaplain and a hospice nurse) were contacted to assist in developing three cultural authentic EOL scenarios for simulation that occurred 15 minutes before and after death.

This free video recording also includes downloadable files - an evaluation form, RN report, a simulation poster, detailed simulation prop needs list and more to create your own simulation.

This simulation was developed by three faculty members from St. Cloud State - Victoria R. Hammer (EdD, MN, RN, CNE), Susan E. Herm (MSN, RN, BC) and Katherine A. Koepke (MS, BSN, RN, CNHP).

Visit NurseTimTube to learn more, watch the video and download the files.