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NurseTim, Inc. provides faculty development through on-site consultations, conferences, and webinars. We have over 27 consultants nationwide and specialize in providing completely customizable on-site workshops for Nurse Educators. Our conferences encourage collaboration and critical thinking, and our webinar catalog has expanded to 100+ webinars, including 115+ contact hours. We look forward to working with you soon! Call or write us today at 866.861.2896 /

Monday, December 21, 2015

Every Student, Every Semester NurseThink Notes Notebook

This tool promises to help with improving critical thinking, prioritization, and saving time throughout nursing school. Use it in every class, clinical, and lab. Be sure to check out the orientation videos and sample chapters. Remember, if your program adopts NurseThink Notes as a required text for all students, you will receive the electronic version at no additional cost!
Student Success Tools include:
  • Best practice for study tips
  • Strategies for prioritizing care
  • Care categories for NCLEX® test plan
  • Quality and safety standards
  • NurseThink quick mnemonics
  • 20 concepts of care
  • Over 175 disease processes
  • High frequency patent alerts from AARP, AHRQ, CDC and Healthy People 2020

Monday, December 14, 2015

E-Learning in Clinical and Class

The NurseTim team helps faculty manage technology at all levels. Through a team approach, we help programs decrease faculty workload while developing innovations that will improve outcomes at every level. As you consider your program’s greatest challenges, you see the need for technology at many levels. Nurses are using technology to synthesize information and access actionable data at the point of care. Clients of all ages and backgrounds are leaning on technology for everything from diet to healthcare to mental health hygiene. Hospitals are using social media to improve outcomes.
  • Nurses use iPhones to text pharmacies/physicians and monitor telemetry and bed exit alarms.
  • Long term care facilities upload wound images for virtual WOCN consults.
  • Skype is used for mental health virtual visits.
  • Robots are utilized in hospitals in Ohio for virtual physician rounds.
  • Nursing students in Haiti take community health with students at the University of Michigan.

Haiti Students

The National League for Nursing recently reported a significant deficit nationwide in faculty integration of technology. They note the chasm between nursing education and practice.

Many of our students:
  • won’t find paper books, notes, or tools in practice.
  • will only find lifelong learning options virtually.
  • will conduct health assessments over webcams on the internet.
  • will be required to create videos, web pages, and other tools for clients.
  • will monitor dozens of patients virtually through eICU technology.

E-Learning in Class and Clinical

These differences prompt faculty to consider the correlation between what happens in lecture and what will happen for students in real life. If we want students to make classroom, clinical, and lab learning permanent, we will do well to make the learning environment look as much like reality as possible.

Bring our team to your campus. We have a group of 6 consultants who specialize in helping faculty with:
  • Technology for Clinical Learning
  • Technology in the Classroom
  • Simple Simulation Technology
  • Evidence-Based Practice on the Fly
  • NCLEX® Success with Technology
  • Testing Technology Tango
  • E-Learning for Every Faculty

Whether your team is trying to put syllabi and lectures online or implementing technology for exams, we can help you effectively and efficiently manage this process. Contact us for more information on customizing a package that fits your needs. Email or call our consultations manager, Dr. Anne Brett, directly at 866.861.2896 Ext. 706

Monday, December 7, 2015