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Thursday, January 21, 2016

NurseTimTube: Using Simulation for Faculty Development

Sandie Nadelson, RN, MSN, MSEd, PhD, CNE Utah Sate University

The US Bureau of Labor Employment Predictions presents some staggering data regarding the future need for new nursing faculty. Based on the demands from health care for additional nurses, 35% more faculty than employed today will be needed by 2022. Couple that with the 10,200 current faculty expected to retire by 2022 and nursing education will need 34,200 new nursing instructors by 2022. (McMenamim, 2014). ...nursing education will need 34,200 new nursing instructors by 2022. Many of the new nursing faculty come directly from practice as clinical experts with limited preparation as educators. Dr. Sandie Nadelson has developed an innovative model to help new faculty prepare for their role in academia. Her work "Using Simulation for Faculty Development" is an excellent model to help prepare future nurse educators as well as help seasoned educators adapt to the evolving classroom environment.

Click here to watch the Using Simulation for Faculty Development video and download the related handout.

Dr. Nadelson is the nursing programs director and a faculty member at Utah State University. She is a nurse with a passion for helping students and faculty develop to their potential in health care and education. Dr. Nadelson brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to nursing education, and has presented on a variety of education topics at many different conferences including in Europe, China, and the throughout the United States.

Dr. Nadelson's research interests include enhancing student professional development with an emphasis on promotion of student caring behaviors. Most nurse educators think of simulation as a learning experience for students, but Dr. Nadelson's passion for professional development has taken it one step further as a means of faculty development.

McMenamin, P. (2014). 2022: Where have all the nurses gone? Georgia Nursing, 74(2), 8

Monday, January 11, 2016

$1000 Scholarship / $100 Faculty Award

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NurseThink will award one scholarship in the amount of $1,000 to a pre-licensure undergraduate student. In addition, the nursing professor, whom the winning student nominated, will win a $100 Amazon gift card. The scholarship deadline is February 15, 2016. The winner will be announced on March 1, 2016. This is scholarship is only valid for the fall 2016 academic year. Visit the website for more information.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Mock Site Visits Save the Day

Accreditation is coming, accreditation is coming​...oh my!! The anxiety and fear that surround an accreditation visit can be overwhelming. For many faculty and nurse leaders the fear of the unknown​ during a first accreditation experience ​can be paralyzing. ​"​What will they ask? What will they want to see? What will support services say? What if the self-study is inadequate? Will students and faculty be prepared? Is our reference/evidence room complete?​"​ The endless questions are daunting!

"T​his was well worth the time and cost. I can now take a deep breath knowing we are prepared​ has taken the edge off so we can now really showcase our program when the visitors come next month." Nurse Administrator/Provost There is no one answer that fits every program. NurseTim, Inc. has consultants who have not only been on the faculty end of accreditation,​ but also a number who have been site visitors.  A mock site visit 30 to 45 days before the actual accreditation visit is an opportunity to "test" your preparation and pilot the process. Prior to a two​-​day mock site visit, the NTI team will read your self-study and come prepared to verify, clarify​,​ and amplify in a process very similar to the actual site visit. The NTI consultant(s) will meet with faculty, students, college/university administration, support staff​,​ and community members​,​ asking questions very similar to the actual site visit. They will evaluate your physical environment and provide general feedback at all levels. It is almost like a dress rehearsal followed by a report​​ identifying the strengths and opportunities for improvement. 

Recently​,​ a ​m​ock ​s​ite ​v​isit, in preparation for an initial CCNE accreditation visit, was an opportunity to bring 'fresh eyes' to the program development process. In this scenario, four NTI consultants helped to build the new program, one NTI consultant helped write the self-study​,​ and a different NTI consultant conducted the ​mock ​site visit​. The ​mock site visit included meetings with involved leaders and staff of the parent organization and the new nursing program. These meetings replicated the actual site visit in that the consultant asked similar types of questions and performed similar on​-​site assessments. The goal ​was to relieve some of the fear of the unknown by going through the process as a ‘learning activity’ for all. The​ faculty and staff​ were also given extensive feedback on different areas of the program and initial accreditation documents.

In another recent ​mock site visit, the consultation focused on reaccreditation for ACEN. The nursing program leadership and faculty were confident in their skills to independently write the self-study report and prepare the evidence room. The NTI consultant worked with the program director to develop an agenda following the process used by actual ACEN site visitors. The NTI consultant visited the campus for two days. The interviews, assessments, and discussions were very similar to what the program would experience in just ​three short weeks. At the end of the ​mock site visit, the NTI consultant did a 'report out' and then met with the program team to debrief ​them ​on the visit in​ depth.

One nurse administrator and provost commented,​ "​T​his was well worth the time and cost. I can now take a deep breath knowing we are prepared​ has taken the edge off so we can now really showcase our program when the visitors come next month." Another nursing program director said​,​ "​M​ost of my faculty are new since our last visit and this really helped them understand what to expect and why their participation is so important. You really made this seem real and we stepped up to the occasion​...​that built everyone's confidence."  For more information, ​please ​call or write. We want to partner with you today​!​