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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Toolbox Tuesday: Medical-Surgical/Clinical Calculations

Toolbox Tuesday is a weekly blog series by NurseTim, a leader in faculty development and student preparation.

The tools featured each week are mapped to the NCLEX® Test Plan and the QSEN Competencies. These ready-to-use tools help educators quickly implement evidence-based learning strategies that engage learners. Never miss a tool by signing up to get blog updates via your favorite RSS Reader or email.

Download the pdf file here.

AS1 Medical-Surgical/Clinical Calculations
Because most professional nurses deal with pharmacological safety on a daily basis, this activity will help students to keep this focus as well.
NCLEX® Connection
Safe/Effective Care, Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies, Reduction of Risk Potential
     Weekly Clinical Calculations Quiz Online
     Using an online quizzing tool, or even paper quizzes, the students practice with principles in pharmacological safety on a weekly basis.
     Fill-in the blank, Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, Rank Order
     Online testing tools are often free
     Make part of the participation grade OR extra points for the exam.
     Can be 5-10 questions a week with the questions focusing on the topic of the week. The questions can include a bit of calculations, safety, pharmacology knowledge.
     No need to make this proctored.

     Test bank
     Online testing software (course management system)
      Free Quiz Maker -
     Optional – clinical calculations software
     Can be done with paper/scantron
Budget Concerns
There are many clinical calculation type programs available at a very reasonable cost for students. There is usually not a need for the school to purchase a site license. Also, most text books are going to include a large number of free test bank items that will be useful for this activity. While faculty are encouraged to develop and improve on these quiz items, they are reminded that this is more of a homework assignment than an assignment that will give statistically sound program data.
In the 2010 NCLEX®RN Detailed Test Plan there are 9 “Related Content” items under Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies.  Maybe you would like to focus one “Related Content” item each week?